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Corona SDK

EDTECH 597 Corona SDK Project: Syllable Jam
Student Name: Kathryn Averkamp
Subject: Reading – Foundational Skills
Description: Syllable Jam aims to help students practice identifying how many syllables are in a word. Syllable jam also incorporates musical instruments and their sounds into the game with a touch of the finger.

EDTECH 597 Corona SDK Project: Ocean Dash
Student Name: Doug Wolfe
Subject: Math
Description: Ocean Dash is a game designed for practicing defined-concept skills.

EDTECH 597 Corona SDK Project: Sight word
Student Name: Jennifer Heckel
Subject: Reading
Description: The student will be able to practice identifying spoken sight words from a group of three choices.

EDTECH 597 Corona SDK Project: Rocket noun
Student Name: Karie Ann Crowther
Subject: ELA Literacy
Description: This is designed for ELA students that struggle with learning to identify nouns, proper nouns, common nouns, and verbs. The information covered will help the student be able to identify nouns and verbs in a sentence.

EDTECH 597 Corona SDK Project: Battlestar grammatica
Student Name: Mathew Kantor
Subject: ELA Literacy
Description: Students will be able to appropriately use commas with introduction phrases in a sentence.

EDTECH 597 Corona SDK Project: Germ Detectives
Student Name: Phyllis Tuttle
Subject: Health
Description: Students will solve the case of the detective by identifying the pathogen and disease responsible for making Tom and Janie sick.