GameStudio is a research institute where studies digital games for learning. Our research team developed a curriculum intervention for teaching mathematics with Scratch program. Our research team has designed and developed an instruction in Virtual Worlds. Students learned Mathematics with Scratch programming by making their own games. Our research team developed an instructional storytelling model, which is called TSST (Technology Supported Story Telling). Students presented their development of games during the Summer Camp.

Welcome to GameStudio at Boise State University

GameStuido is a research institute in the Department of Educational Technology at Boise State University that studies how to use digital games for educational purposes. Our research focuses on integrating digital games into K-12 classrooms and the design and development of various instructional games that promote learning. Gamestudio was formally established in 2010, with a purpose of the development of educational games. We work with creative game designers and educational researchers to integrate well tested principles of learning into games that motivate learners to improve their learning.
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